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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  September 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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going to an beautiful -- to be a beautiful weekend as well for the cleveland national air show. you are joining us live this evening from the burke lake front airport where all the activities are taking place saturday, sunday, monday. right now is the us army golden knights plane they are jumping into progressive field in a little bit. of course we have the blue answer he wills le there is so much going on so let's get a look at the forecast. here is what it looks like heading to the cleveland national air show tomorrow, what we are anticipating temperatures by about say the 9:00 hour at 64 degrees. i think by lunch time right on the lakefront we are at 72. by 4:00 we are at 74 degrees again with lots of sunshine. this is going to be one of those events where if you have family and friends in from out of town.
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and again there is a ton taking place here. we'll talk about all the details that you need to know if you are heading downtown in just a little bit. hillary back over to you. >> all right. i think we'll look for it. i will look over the shoulder and see you there. thanks, michael. as michael said thousands are are expected to come down for the air show but it's northeast ohio, we have festivals and lots of fun i can't bound. so we thought we would make it easy for you out. we start where october fest is under way at the chi hog a county fairgrounds, moving to the west side of cleveland where celebrating 102 years. congratulations. the coming newspaper afternoon and people are filling in now for the typical family fun and
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the annual school competition, the great guy ago ga burton sink your teeth into delicious corn on the cobb or go on the ride or of course check out the cool animals. of course we want you to have a lot of fun, one thing you want to keep in mind state troopers often step up their patrols for labor day weekend. so you want to avoid the worse, crs. giving us that story. we've seen it before as you drive up and down the highway displays that let you know how many people have been killed in traffic crashes, 2016 that number stands at 609. more state troopers are patrolling the roads. we were able to catch up with sergeant ron gable. >> the weather is gorgeous and expected to be all weekend so expecting there to be increased traffic because of that.
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roads means a likelihood of traffic crashes is also higher. over the last year and a half the ohio state highway patrol has been crunching accident data trying to go figure out where and why all the accidents are happening. of course they found that most of those accidents occur near major metropolitan areas, cincinnati, columbus, of course northeast ohio, akron and cleveland. but the most disturbing stat had 3% of those accidents are caused by drivers who are impaired by alcohol or drugs. for that reason troopers are out heavy but they want people to sort of police their own friends and family. >> it would be important for us that if you know someone is headed out drinking don't let them drive in the first place. next thursday medical marijuana becomes legal in ohio. but for most patients it won't
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two different things. tom barris. >> another tough day for joes gee, knee has a brain disorder that delays development and causes seizures, she had one at school and one on the bus home. mom thinks marijuana oil will help. september 8th ohioans can legally use medical marijuana. >> we could say that it's legal and we could actually get it but we can't really get it. >> no ohio marijuana is being grown or sold yet. a 13 person panel must still be picked yet to write pot industry rules. so patients not getting needed doctors notes. >> it's very difficult, very rare to find a doctor that is willing to stick their neck out and recommend medical marijuana. >> they can't go he to michigan.
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to get it but they only sell to res accidents only. >> some of 25 legal medical marijuana states do sell to outsiders but only with hoops and hurdles galore. nevada is the state simplest. >> nevada is expensive plane flight away. it's not very practical. there is thousands of ohioans using marijuana for medical purposes. they are just doing it >> you don't know when the day is going to get here. >> it can't get here soon enough that is the best way to say it. >> relief so close yet so far away. >> now the first rules and regulations for ohio should be out next may, but ohio's knew are new legal pot business may not be flee up and running until 2018. a lot of patients understandably inpatient about that, hillary. >> we do understand that
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of ohio are things mover faster there? >> they seem to be on a faster track, they issued their first draft regulations for growing and selling it. ohio seems to be on a slower, ramp up course. officials saying hey it is better to do this right than to do it fast. >> thanks a lot, no better person to watch it than you. >> thank you. hurricane hermin into the florida gulf coast damaging beach side communities, leaving floods. it's been weekend tropical storm hermine is packing a punch, jay gray is live from georgia, what is the up date, jay? >> reporter: hey, there i go hillary. thought the worse of this storm was through, we began seeing strong wind gusts, driving rain, one final blast from
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georgia now takes aim at the east coast. the initial strike was vie loan, driving rain and sustained winds of 80 miles an hour, gusts even stronger. hermine the first hurricane to make landfall in florida in more a decade. >> as the hurricane moved through our state more than 253,000 floridians experienced power loss. >> the storm surge 5 feet in some places. including shoreline. >> as the day progresses, the water will continue to rise. >> inland hermine lost power but very little of its punch. a tropical storm as it pushed into georgia. showing signs that it would continue to be a problem. >> there is probably 20 streets that are closed right now because of the rain at high tide. >> trees and power lines are down here as well. as the system picked up speed moving into the carolinas where
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hermine could inflict as it moves up the coast. >> we want this thing to move in and out as quick as possible. >> the forecast shows it will continue to move up the eastern seaboard. the sun and beach goers out in new jersey right now. but these sand bags a warning of what could be on the way. >> yeah, you know, hermine likely to cause problems for millions in its path through ea that is the latest live in savanna, hillary, back to you now. >> jay gray, thank you. new at 6:00 nearly week after after a traffic crash, the cleveland naacp is calling for a change and people are allowed to buy weapons. paul's car was hit when a man hit a red light, he crawled out of the vehicle with a rifle. shot herself times. the local naacp chapter wants
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before they can purchase guns. the holiday weekend should be amazing, but you get the party started take a trip down to progressive field that is exactly where dave is live there, hey, dave. >> reporter: hey there, hillary, hi, everybody. are you ready for a september to remember? the indians start the final month tonight and their playoff push against the miami marlins, i will have a live report coming up in sports. united states army sergeant i don't remember i can't stall, father of five a husband who wants no sympathy for the sacrifice we all know he made. see who is saying thank you with an easy to navigate smart phone built just for him. and convicted stanford swimmer brock turner out of jail after only serving part of
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getting ready for a roaring soaring good time this weekend, cleveland air show takes off tomorrow morning. you can check out the u.s. navy's blue angels, golden knights and so much more tomorrow morning and lasts through the weekend. you want information on how to get tickets head over to
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. the former stanford university brock turner he served three months for sexually assaulting a conscious bomb. just east of dayton. turner will live with his parents while he completes three years of probation, his sentencing made a lot of people mad because the judge sentenced him to six months. a local veteran is getting a one of a kind smart tech home. their mission is building for america's bravest. channel dawn kendrick shares the story a home that come with a keys to independence for heros who stepped up to serve.
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the stall family's north canton home but it's easy to see, there is not much that works physically now in this house for this father of five. 27-year-old army sir general i don't remember with stalls served two tours of duty. >> it felt my body shoot up and i could see my legs go. of 0 pounds of explosives. >> it was 60 pounds of equipment that another father of five new york firefighter st his car on september 11th, 2001. off duty. >> ran the two miles through the brooklyn battery tunnel to the site of the world trade center where he was not seen again. >> this year a record 30,000 plus will follow in sellers food steps and run that tunnel to towers route in new york as they have now for 15 years. >> the family wanted people to
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experienced on 9-11. >> so the t 2 t foundation was formed. smart homes with the latest technology to make life easier, counter tops and cabinets that lower. >> looking forward to a lot because here i have to climb up on to the counter to get into the cabinets. >> almost 50 of them like josh's are finished or under construction. made possible by fund riser like t september 11th. josh stall in new york right beside them. that's how this hero who doesn't want to be called a hero rolls now. t 2 t has raised $70 million from around the world since 2001 for heros like josh. >> what i did was what i chose to do. so i can't call it a sacrifice. >> they do. >> i know. >> $70 million says they do believe that you all have done something great. >> i know.
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>> 9 t 2 t mantra is while we are here let us do good. steven probably could never fathom 15 years ago how far reaching that let us do good reflex could have been. the instinct to save lives and the instinct of his family to carry it on that is why this one we think straight has to go to the good stuff file. log on to to register for the september 11th t 2 t run. >> what a great story. it was certainly a bittersweet day for us here at wkyc, director of technology and operations jim miller will go on to the next chapter of his life retiring after 32.5 years here. a total of 40 years in the business. we wish him all the best. but we are going to miss him. congratulations, jim. well it's now time to head back out and check out the
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in style because michael our meteorologist is check dog out at the air show, got something new coming up now? >> reporter: yeah, do you know what here is the deal, if you are looking for something to do this weekend you have got to make your wave down to the burke lake airport where all the action is going to be taking place. and here is the deal, it will be saturday, sunday and monday so gates open at 9:00 a.m., however the actual air show starts between 10to and it lasts all through the morning into the early afternoon and things begin to wrap up around 4:99 p.m. so that is all for planning purposes a couple price points for you by the way for adults at the gate is $23, if perhaps you are bringing kids it's about $16 and the best news is you know i like the word free, right? kids 5 and under absolutely free here at the air show. lots going on. so if you are looking for something to do come on down
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be a lot going on not only in the air but on the grown, too, with the bat copter and bat mobile as well. if you are heading out to progressive field, first pimp at 7:10, add we were mentioning before the u.s. army golden knights are set to jump into progressive field. temperatures outside upper 60s, lower 70s. it's a beautiful night albeit kind of breezy, to bring a jacket. i think that is the way we stay not only through the remainder of the night but through the weekend as well. let's talk about more about tropical storm hermine, wins at 50 miles per hour racing up the eastern seaboard. of course we have showed you the pictures and the video of the flooding from the coastline of florida. georgia and into the carolinas is where we are seeing that now. that will be brewing and
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back at home here is what it looks like overnight tonight a great evening, we are mostly clear. cool, comfortable and breezy, first thing tomorrow to start off your saturday morning again a great looking start i think we could see perhaps an isolated sprinkle, that would be over the lake though, so i think on land things look good. mid to upper 50s, lower 60s, wins i am sure you can hear it from the northeast 10-15 miles per , that with your window nation seven day forecast showing you an absolutely gorgeous labor day weekend ahead of us. temperatures on saturday upper 70s. hello to the low 80s on sunday. and if you miss add little bit of summer not to worry, by the middle half of this upcoming work week temperatures back in the low 90s on wednesday with a chance for some showers and some thunderstorms by thursday and friday. again, there is so much going
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attention to the aircraft behind me. we mentioned it before, a world war ii plane that is the ps 51 and again this is a huge historical event as well. so, again, come on down to the 2016 cleveland air show, you will have a blast. hillary, back on over to you. >> all right. thank you so much for that excellent look at everything that is there, appreciate it michael. and what a night for baseball, gearing up for the last month of the season and a familiar face is bringing his experience to help out.
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hi, everyone dave from progressive field as in series. it's the first of 17 straight games. and let's say hello and welcome back to cleave land to coco chris in. the indians signed him on wednesday. he joined the club today but not in the lineup tonight. chris played in 15 season, has postseason experience won a world series with boston. coco could have vetoed the trade, listening to him he
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share his experience. >> have been in playoffs before, i know the grind and the mentality that you have to have going into it. i think my past experience playing and that hopefully some guys can ask me some advice and lean on me that way. >> how great does it feel to have september baseball mean something again in cleveland. this is going to be one heck of a ride. the last inner league of 6, three games back in the wildcard so they are playing to something too. 2013 the last time the indians made the playoffs. >> you know, the players they just play which is good. you know, for us though the challenges to get -- to know the team before you play not after. because after you are playing for three days you feel like you have a pretty good feel but you walk to get it before.
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have 30 games to go, 4.5 game lead over detroit. 7 be 5 over kc. those two teams play each other. 13 games left against detroit and kansas city. 16 home games left, it is going to be an unbelievable monday and it all starts tonight right here on channel 3. you can see the in janes and marlins on wkyc and the first pitch at 1710 highlights at 11:00. last night 0-4 record. browns played the first team last night. the pers did not, bears won 21- 7. get the roster down to 53. they have to get the cut down to 353 by 4:00 tomorrow. but they made a cut today already. they released defensive back, fourth round draft pick, spent the past two seasons cornerback. it did not work out.
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i mean it's easy to pile on. the browns rookies on defense looks good. i realize it was against the second time. josh gordon had three catches, hope he stays on course. we look forward to having him back in week five. did get into the end zone there the last time they had the ball. jackson continues to remain positive. >> we are not blinking. i'm excited about going to philadelphia next week. we have to finish -- putting the finishing touches on the team and get ourselves ready for philadelphia. >> carolina, this is what the sideline looks like. we got a good chuckle at that. game changers coming up at is 1:00. back to you. >> all right. thank as lot, dave. and thank you all for watching us, remember we have no channel 3 news at 7:00
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indians versus the marlins right here as dave said. nbc nightly news is minutes away. god night. i will see you back here at
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breaking news tonight. monster holiday storms, states of emergency as hermine batters the southeast. torrential rain, flooding, powerful winds, 30 million on alert, all the way up to connecticut. and just in time for bombshell from the fda, why it's banning anti-bacterial soap used by millions. >> clinton's fbi files, what she didn't understand about handling classified material and how a concussion impacted her answers. outrage over a former stanford university swimmer now free after serving just three months for sexual assault. and exploding


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